Helping Children Rebuild

This Web page includes information on how you can help children in the Dominican Republic by donating items for the Non-profit Organization.


There are many different donations available for this project, please read all 4 sections.

Section 1: Outside kitchens.

In the Haitian Villages in the Dominican Republic the houses do not have kitchens. Therefore they cook outside with charcoal buckets. Because of the Haitian culture when cooking outside and neighbors come to see what they are cooking they are obligated to give them some of their food. However, most families do not have enough food to feed their own family, so they move their charcoal buckets inside the house so that no one can see what they are cooking. This is very dangerous because it is a fire hazard and breathing the carbon dioxide from the charcoal is very bad for their health. An add-on outside kitchen has been designed for the back of the house with a 4 foot by 6 foot concrete slab and two side walls attached to the existing back wall with a roof to keep the rain off the new outside kitchen. A block charcoal burning stove will be built under the roof with a vent constructed to take the smoke out of the area. There are 195 houses that need to have their charcoal burning stove relocated to a new outside kitchen. You can help them with this donation. The new outside kitchens cannot be built until there are donations to pay for all the materials and labor.

Photo of Kitchen mods
Here is the stove donation. Above left and center: stove built on cinder blocks with vent pipe overhead. Top right and lower left: old style cooking method done outside. Bottom center: New walls and flooring for kitchen area. Bottom right: Roofing materials used for kitchen area.

Here are the donation levels for the add-on kitchen:

  • A: $350.00: Complete new 4 foot by 6 foot concrete slab with 7 foot walls, roof and a new charcoal burning stove with proper ventilation.
  • B: $270.00: New outside kitchen 4 X 6 concrete slab with 7 foot walls and roof.
  • C: $80.00: New charcoal burning stove with proper ventilation.
  • D: $40.00: New charcoal burning stove.
  • E: $40.00: New ventilation system.
  • F: Any cash donation to help sponsor any part of this project.
  • Section 2: Milk Ministry for young children in the village.

    The Milk Ministry consists of giving a young child a hard-boiled egg, a bread roll and 6 oz. of milk in their own glass. There are usually about 250 children that have fun singing and playing games with the Helping Children Rebuild volunteers.

    Photo of Milk Ministry
    Milk Ministry. Left: People in line to receive their milk, bread and eggs. Middle left: can't wait to get a drink. Center photo: girl looking for a place to enjoy her meal. Center right: children being helped with their food. Right: Mom holding son after receiving his meal.
    Photo of Milk Ministry
    Milk Ministry: Left and middle: Happy children after eating. Right: People getting ready for it to start.

    Here are the donation levels you can make for the Milk Ministry:

  • A: $5.00 Feeds 6 children
  • B: $10.00 Feeds 12 children
  • C: $25.00 feeds 30 children
  • D: $50.00 feeds 60 children
  • E: $100.00 feeds 120 children
  • F: Any cash donation to help sponsor any part of this project
  • Section 3: Miscellaneous supplies, food and medical.

    There are a wide variety of supplies needed ranging from medical supplies to foods and packaging materials. Here is a list of the most needed items.


    Band aids

    Soap Bars






    Child's Vitamins


    2 x 2 Sponges

    4 x 4 Sponges

    Telfa Dressings

    Hand Sanitizers (large)

    Adult Vitamins

    Exam Gloves

    Adhesive Tape

    Snack Size zip bags

    Surgical Masks

    White Rice (no instant)

    Dry Beans (any kind)

    Chicken Bouillon cubes

    Raman Noodle (flat no cups)

    Fruit Snacks


    Cereal Cheerio's

    Lucky Charms

    Canned Corn

    Canned Green Beans

    Canned Carrots

    For drop off locations for these items please contact Helping Children Rebuild personal at (866) 297-9413, bring them to the Helping Children Rebuild Thrift Store at 12915 Central Ave, Chino, CA 91710, or call the Thrift Store at: (909) 627-7325.

    Section 4: Usable items that can be sold at our Thrift Store for cash that will be used for this project.

    Items must be in a condition that can be sold as usable or pre-owned. Please no broken items. All clothes must be washed. We are looking for clothing, baby items (strollers, cribs, toys, clothes, walkers, swings, etc.) furniture (tables, chairs, couches, lamps, beds, end tables, etc.) small appliances, bikes, surf boards, toys, children books, games, skate boards, office furniture, glassware, antiques, towels, wash cloths, good luggage, tools, exercise equipment, kitchenware, plate settings, and anything else that can be sold at our Thrift Store.

    100% of your sponsorship donations goes to the portion of the project you designate.

    Donate Now

    To make your donation, click on the Donate Link below, then print out the PDF form, fill out the form and send it to us. You can Fax it to 909-393-1457, e-mail it to or Mail it to Helping Children Rebuild, 4195 Chino Hills Pkwy PMB #307, Chino Hills, CA 91709-2618.

    Donate Link

    Thank you, we really appreciate your donations to help these children and their families.