Helping Children Rebuild

Information about the founder of Helping Children Rebuild, Lists the Board of Directors and Officers as well as our Mission Statement.


Helping Children Rebuild is a non- profit charitable organization 501(c)(3). We are committed to helping the children and their families rebuild their lives, homes, schools and communities, as well as their health and hygiene needs with love, honesty, hope, dignity and recognizing Gods help in all things.

Board of Directors

About the Founder

Marilyyn with children
Left: Marilyn with one boy
Right: Marilyn surrounded by boys who love her.

My Story: Marilyn Collinwood
Helping Children Rebuild Founder

I became interested in humanitarian service work at an early age. As a young girl my Girl Scout Troop brought many opportunities to volunteer in my local community. As I got older and had a family of my own I volunteered as a Girl Scout leader for many years. I also worked as a Cub Scout Den Mother for several years. I have been the president of a large church women's organization. Our projects included feeding the hungry and clothing the needy in the United States as well as other countries. I have recognized many co-workers needing a little help mostly at holiday times. I have seen to their needs as best I could. I organized a group for Warm Up America taking donated 9 x 11 inch knit or crochet blocks sewing them together to make blankets for the needy. I have knitted hundred's of newborn baby hats for St. Jude Hospital labor and Delivery Department. As my children married and left home I started working with the pet orphanage fostering/adopting shelter dogs. I now have four rescue dogs of my own, each one very special all needing kindness, love and attention.

In March 2011 I had the opportunity to serve on a work mission in Haiti. I worked in many orphanages including Mother Teresa's holding, feeding and playing with the children. Many of the children were in the orphanage because they had lost their family in the earthquake in January 2010. Some families just placed some of their children in the orphanage because they simply could not feed them. Those families felt it was better for the children to get at least one meal per day than starving to death. When I returned home nine days later I knew I had to go back to Haiti. I know I am only one person but what little I could do does make a difference in some ones life.

The following November 2011 I returned with a medical mission. I worked with an Oral Surgeon. We set up our clinic out in the middle of a field using the school with no walls as our office. We had no water or electricity. When the sun went down we were finished. We saw and treated 70-75 patients per day. The medical doctor's together saw 300 patients per day. The weather was in the high 90 degrees and 100% humidity. We worked very hard but it was so rewording when some one with a badly infected mouth now having teeth pulled and on antibiotics says thank you.

When I got home I told my husband I could put together a medical mission team cheaper than the past one had cost. He told me to go for it and that is how Helping Children Rebuild came to be.